Ian Heraty

Finding a pop up vendor or food truck for your festival is easy on Popping. Head to https://popping.live/looking_for_vendors and tap ‘+ Host an event’.

Fill out the form with details about your event. (Dates, Location, Sale Type, Description, etc.) Once the event is posted, our network of pop up vendors is notified to apply and you review applications. Applications expire in 24 hours so vendors can take on other work if they aren’t accepted. Once a vendor applies, a text conversation is started to work out details.

looking for vendors page at https://popping.live/looking_for_vendors

If a host sets a vendor fee, that fee is charged when the host accepts the application. Popping live holds that fee until the event. Payouts to hosts are made 1 business day after an event. Popping Live platform charges 22% of any vendor fees collected.



Recently we had an event on https://popping.live where a vendor did not show up. Why did this happen? Miscommunication. The vendor and the host had not established a direct line of communication. How are we solving this?

Start conversation early

Anytime a vendor applies to be at an event, we will start a direct conversation between host and vendor.

Emails and Messages

We send out multiple sources of conversations to make sure both parties are in the know.

No show vendors is a common problem for hosts. We hope to minimize these missed opportunities going forward.

Photo by REVOLT on Unsplash